参数 单位
化学式 -- W
代码 -- --
主要材料 -- Tungsten
主要材料纯度 % 99.9
主要辅材 -- --
主要辅材成分 -- --
颜色 -- red
密度 g/cm³ 2
吸水率 % --
外观表证 -- --
维氏硬度 GPa --
抗折强度 Mpa --
弯曲强度 Mpa --
弯曲强度 Mpa --
抗压强度 Mpa --
断裂韧性 MPa m½ --
杨氏模量 GPa 403
泊松比 -- --
Abrasiveness Blast abrasion amount μm --
最高使用温度(氧化气氛) °C --
最高使用温度(保护气氛) °C --
Thermal expansion coefficient RT~200°C *10^-6/°C --
Thermal expansion coefficient RT~400°C *10^-6/°C --
Thermal expansion coefficient RT~600°C *10^-6/°C --
Thermal expansion coefficient RT~800°C *10^-6/°C --
热导率(室温) W/mK 168
Thermal conductivity 400°C W/mK --
Thermal conductivity 800°C W/mK --
Specific heat RT J/kg.K --
Specific heat 400°C J/kg.K --
Specific heat 800°C J/kg.K --
Thermal Shock Resistance °C --
Dielectric strength kV/mm --
Volume resistivity 20°C Ω.cm --
Volume resistivity 500°C Ω.cm --
Dielectric loss 1MHz *10^-4 --
Dielectric loss 3GHz *10^-4 --
Dielectric constant 1MHz -- --
Dielectric constant 3GHz -- --
Liquid hydrochloric acid Loss Slightly melts in 100°C diluted or concentrated hydrochloric acid
Liquid hydrochloric acid (1) Loss no reaction
Liquid sulfuric acid Loss Slightly melts in heated diluted sulfuric acid melts in concentrated sulfuric acid
Liquid sulfuric acid (1) Loss no reaction in diluted sulfuric acid Melts slightly in concentrated sulfuric acid
Liquid nitric acid Loss Slightly melts
Liquid caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) Loss --
Liquid caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) (1) Loss Slightly melts in solution Rapid reaction for molten salt
Gas air or oxygen Loss Slightly oxidizes (discoloration) In around 400°C starts to oxidizes
Gas air or oxygen (1) Loss in above 700°C tungsten trioxide forms and suddenly oxidizes
Gas vapor Loss promptly oxidizes in red heat state
Gas nitrogen Loss In about 2300°C and above forms a nitride
Gas carbon monoxide Loss In around 850°C and above embrittles In about 1000°C forms a
Gas carbon dioxide Loss forms about 1200°C forms an oxide
Gas hydrogen Loss no reaction
Gas htdrofluoric acid Loss forms a fluoride in room temperature
Gas chlorine Loss forms 250°C to 300°C forms a chlorine
Gas bromine Loss forms a bromide in red heat state
Gas iodine Loss forms a iodine in red heat state
Gas ammonia Loss Does not react in room temperature
Gas hydrogen sulfide Loss Surface reaction occurs while in red heat state
Solid body sulfur Loss Slightly reacts in room temperature
Solid body carbon graphite Loss from around 800°C starts to absorb and embrittles from 1400°C forms tungsten carbide
Permeability Km --
Susceptibility Xm --
20%盐酸(置入72小时) WT Loss [mg/cm²/day] --
盐酸 20% (置入24小时) WT Loss [mg/cm²/day] --
20%浓度硫酸(置入72小时) WT Loss [mg/cm²/day] --
20%浓度硫酸(置入24小时) WT Loss [mg/cm²/day] --
61%浓度硝酸(置入72小时) WT Loss [mg/cm²/day] --
61%浓度硝酸(置入24小时) WT Loss [mg/cm²/day] --
85%浓度磷酸(置入72小时) WT Loss [mg/cm²/day] --
85%浓度磷酸(置入24小时) WT Loss [mg/cm²/day] --
20%浓度烧碱(置入72小时) WT Loss [mg/cm²/day] --
20%浓度烧碱(置入24小时) WT Loss [mg/cm²/day] --
47%浓度氢氟酸(置入72小时) WT Loss [mg/cm²/day] --
应用特性 -- --
备注 -- --
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Remarks (cn) -- --